Don’t Just Stand There, Go Get ​Judith St. George’s ‘The Ghost, The White House and Me’

The Ghost, The White House and Me
by Judith St. George
Holiday House
October 2007, 128 pages, $16.95

I found this most adorable:

Do you like mysteries? Then The Ghost, The White House and Me will really get your motors going. When KayKay and Annie move to the White House things change — a lot of things.

Their mom is the President. Everything is spectacular — until they hear rumors that Abe Lincoln’s ghost haunts the White House.

KayKay does not believe in ghosts. So while they are eating with Uncle Matt, she asks if she can sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom — nope. Then her mom says yes to Uncle Matt. So, the girls try to scare Uncle Matt out of the Lincoln Bedroom.

Things don’t go as planned. Can they figure this puzzle out? Don’t just stand there, go get this book!

The Ghost, The White House, and Me is written by Judith St. George, is well suited for ages 6-10, costs $16.95, and is published by Holiday House.

So writes Jack Parke, a student at the Forest Hill Elementary School in Noblesville, Indiana. His review is just one of a handful published at the Noblesville Daily Times. Reading these makes me wish more kids reviewed books for major publications. They cut to the chase, don’t they? Here’s what the book’s about, and here’s why you’ll like it — it’s a simple, yet informative.

I also enjoyed Kate Holtkamp’s review of Violet Bing and the Grand House wherein the reviewer notes: “If you need to get out the habit of saying no, this is the book for you.” That’s all I need really, and Bing is on my Amazon WishList.

The reviews come from teacher Carol Lohe’s FOCUS class. Lohe’s teaching has been in the Nobelsville news quite often of late. Here’s an article discussing the world lessons taught by Lohe during Cultural Awareness Week, such as the typical color of a wedding dress in China and Japan’s most popular pizza topping.

Forest Hill Elementary sounds like my kind of school.