Photo: Courtesy of the artist

The “Anxiety” Is Palpable in Tatiana DeMaria’s Powerful New Video (premiere)

Tatiana DeMaria reworks her punk band TAT's "Anxiety" into a searing, reflective acoustic number that's made all the more powerful by an intimate new performance video.

From founding and fronting TAT since the early 2000s to producing hip-hop in the UK’s underground scene, Tatiana DeMaria‘s latest solo work is the culmination of each of her influences. That comes through with the singer-songwriter’s latest release, an acoustic reworking of TAT’s “Anxiety”. Slowing things down and stripping things back, DeMaria shifts the song’s original, adrenaline-fueled punk arrangement into a cerebral, introspective performance that captures the essence of unease that much more strikingly. “Anxiety (Acoustic)” gives us a taste of the forthcoming EP that DeMaria plans to release by summer’s end and is available to purchase or stream now. PopMatters premieres the official video today, wherein we are treated to an intimate, powerful performance of the song.

DeMaria says, “It was important for me to keep the video as raw and simple as possible, so being steeped in the urgency of the color red and expressing the song honestly seemed like the right fit off the bat. My perspective on music videos has always been that videos that tell stories or illustrate a song’s meaning walk such a fine line of either taking the listener out of their imagination and into a preconceived notion of the song, or enhancing the song and listener’s interpretations. I generally want to achieve the latter, so with Anxiety, it was more about letting the visual add to the emotion of the song over directly illustrating it’s meaning. Anxiety being a ubiquitous yet unique experience, made me want to leave it fully up to the viewer to connect and relate however they do.”