Photo: Omar Guerra / Courtesy of WMA Agency

We the Commas Dish Out Summertime Magic with “Custom Made” (premiere)

Emerging "surf alternative R&B" trio We the Commas' feel-good, soulful single feels "Custom Made" for summer.

Bands like the Beach Boys and Rivieras have long symbolized Southern Californian culture. For many, their classic surf music has come to define the region. Now, Carlsbad trio We the Commas aim to resurrect the feel-good, beach-ready sound of their predecessors. All the while, the band’s Lenny, Jordy, and Cam Comma—brothers—breach into new territory. The band find a balance between throwback surf and doo-wop alongside modern alt-rock and R&B, dubbing their sound as “surf alternative R&B”. Furthermore, as young Black men, they aim to redefine the mainstream perception of what beach town boys look and sound like.

The fun-loving music video for their latest single, “Custom Made”, features the Commas dressing in all manner of garb for their feel-good summer song. We the Commas tell PopMatters, “The idea for ‘Custom Made’ came completely spontaneously and it was one of those songs that practically birthed itself. This track is a deeper dive into our sound and really gives a feel for who We the Commas are. It’s different because we are bringing in elements from 1950s pop, R&B, and classic jazz, which is a combination we don’t see much in today’s mainstream music. We’re inspired by so many different genres, and our songs bring together those elements to create something that best represents us and our experiences.”